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The Pantheon Nexus is a low, stiff double drop longboard made for heavyweights and riders looking for a stable commuter that can handle downhill speeds and sliding. Our stiffest double drop platform, we describe the Nexus as a meeting place between longboard disciplines. This board makes for an excellent commuter / pusher longboard because of the low, double dropped platform, and it also equally manages sliding and speed with ease due to the low center of gravity and downhill stiffness. 

You should consider the Nexus for several reasons. First, if you’re a new rider, the Nexus offers plenty of foot space, and it will give you ample room to grow into new disciplines. You can start pushing around and gaining balance, and the low platform will make it easy to push and easy to learn how to footbrake. The comfortable concave won’t cramp your feet, but when you turn your foot sideways, your foot will be heavily locked into the board’s signature crescent drops and concave. This, combined with the board’s stiffness, will provide confidence at speed and help when it comes time to learn how to slide. The low platform, again, makes it easier to reach the ground once you are learning hands down slides, and the lower center of gravity makes slide initiation more gentle and effortless. 

Non-beginners will love the Nexus, too! The versatility that the Nexus provides will reduce limitations on riding conditions. Hills are no match for this baby, and your Nexus will not keep you from taking on any particular terrain. Ups, downs, and flats are all great. Also, if you’re a heavier rider, the Nexus has been tested up to about 320 lbs with success. There aren’t many, if any, other double drop longboards on the market that you could trust for that. 

We recommend setting up your Nexus with 165mm Paris trucks or something similar. Feel free to couple with large wheels up to 85mm Caguamas for maximum cushion, 85mm Speed Vents for maximum speed, or smaller wheels like the 68mm Seismic Tantrums for optimizing sliding. Choose the 50/50 options for maximum agility and turn, 50/43 for directionality and stability, or 43/43 for a stable freeride setup. And prepare to have a lot of fun!

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Product Specifications


Length 36.25" (92cm)
Width 9.72" (24.69cm)


29.5 - 30.25" (74.93 - 76.83cm)


8 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer.

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  1. Michael

    Stiff, sturdy, versatile. The Nexus may initially seem like a freeride deck of years past, before short topmounts became the fad of downhill skaters, but that would sell this board short. It’s a beautiful, amazing deck that’s suitable for riders of any skill level.

    As a commuter, the Nexus is my least favorite of Pantheon’s lineup. It’s heavier and more stiff than the Quest and bigger than the Trip, Pranayam, and Ember. However, I am a bit lighter than the range that the Nexus would benefit most (220+). If you are a heavier rider, this is the best distance option on the market.

    Where the Nexus shines for me is on hills. It’s stick, low design makes it loads of fun to drift at high speeds. It’s a great option for anyone learning to slide, especially on straights. It is also a blast when hitting corners, just be mindful of the fact that it is dropped, so it will drift a bit more than a topmount.

    The Nexus is a beast. Perfect for heavier riders looking for a pusher and a great option for downhill skaters looking for a bit of that old school feel.

  2. Zach (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible deck for freeride, and cruising! I have not had as much time as I would like on this deck due to living in the coldest part of the country where it’s cold and snowy six months out of the year, but the miles I have been able to sneak in have been incredible.

    The tub concave gives you a nice ledge for your feet when kicking out slides while the drops on the nose and tail give you amazing pockets to snug into when pushing. The deck is stiff, wide, and, subsequently, super stable at all speeds. When I’m pushing the limits of my ability on a hill, this is what I bring to the show.

    Make no mistake, this is a 5+ star board and it would be my favorite deck (*is* my favorite for RKPs), bar none, if I hadn’t also snagged a Pranayama around the same time– I’ll be dropping a stellar review for that deck in the near future as well!

    Set-up (6′, 0″, 150 lbs rider):
    Deck: Nexus (obviously)
    Trucks: Paris V3 50° 165mm (though I have been curious to try some 150s!) w/ stock 90a standard bushings
    Bearings: Bronson G3 & LY Spaceballs, respectively to wheels below
    Wheels: Purple Caguama 85mm & Peralta Snakes 69mm, respectively to bearings above

  3. Alex Bohman (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely amazing board! I rode a regular skateboard for many years, but I’m still new to longboarding, and my first longboard was a Sector Nine Dropper Dread that I absolutely love. However, all it took was one ride on my Nexus to instantly tell a difference in quality compared to the other board. From graphic design to shape and engineering, this thing is a work of art.

    I wasn’t able to order the recommended trucks/wheels for this board, but I’ve found that my current setup does the job; I am running 180mm 43° Paris trucks along with the 70mm 78a Nineballs that came with my first longboard. This setup sits very low to the ground, and pushing and foot braking became far easier as a result. It was also far more stable going down hills than my other board.

    I’m around 255lbs at the moment (have to lose about 70lbs), and I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of flex in this board. I plan on getting more comfortable going down hills, and hopefully learning to slide in the near future, and I truly believe that this board will help me accomplish that. For anyone on the fence about purchasing this board, I would strongly recommend pulling the trigger. I did a lot of research on Pantheon boards before making my purchase, and I’ve found nothing but positive reviews; so far they have absolutely lived up to the hype. My only complaint thus far would be the triangle on the grip-tip (it’s not perfectly centered lol), but I can’t blame them for me being insane and noticing that.

  4. Dylan Moulton (verified owner)

    This board. This. Board. I am a large rider, 6’3″ 360-ish lbs. I’ve broken boards from my size a typically look for weight ratings as the first thing when shopping for boards. So when I saw the 320 lb testing it caught my attention. Today it arrived. I took it out off the box, slapped a set of Gullwing Sidewinder 2’s on with some grippy wheels and went straight out to one of my skate spots. I have never ridden anything that is more comfortable, when you plant your feet the board does most of the work. Carving on it is smooth and controlled. This board made me feel instantly confident, and before long I was carving and surfing like I’ve owned it for years. Besides that, the board is gorgeous. The photos really don’t do it justice(not that they look bad mind you) in person it’s a warm, rich, dark veneer and the graphic is vibrant and clean. 20/10 Would absolutely recommend this board!

    • Jeff Vyain

      Hi Dylan, Thank you so much for the review! I’m sure that other heavier riders will really appreciate the feedback.

      Just as an FYI, the Gullwing Sidewinders are fine as long as they work for you, but they do actually lengthen the “lever” aka increase leverage at the drop. I don’t believe this board will fail you, but Sidewinders are probably the worst possible truck out there for forcing a deck to break at the neck. That said, it sounds like you’re finding that this Nexus is quite a tank, which was our intention! If you do decide to make a switch down the line, I’d recommend a classic RKP truck like a Paris V3 or a Gen 6 Bear truck. Just a suggestion! At the end of the day, ride what you like!

      Cheers, and thanks again!

      Jeff and Team Pantheon

  5. John McGuire

    I bought one of these secondhand. Wish it had been my first board. So much easier to use than my Magneto boards. Pushes easy and rolls forever. Turns well and handles my weight with no problem(285#). So happy with this board I ordered a Bandito and Genesis as well! Set up with the paris trucks 43/43, zealous bearings and 85 mm speedvents.

  6. Wyatt (verified owner)

    I just received mine a few days ago and with the help of a local skate shop put together a killer setup. This deck is amazing. I am a heavy rider and competitive strongman weighing in at nearly 300lbs and this board has NO problem carrying me to Valhalla. Amazing board; I highly recommend.

  7. Pierrick Katzwinkel

    So I got the Nexus a couple of weeks ago as a replacement for my Trip that I have been riding daily to work and to workout.

    The only similarity between the two is the double drop, but the Nexus platform is around 7mm higher than the Trip on equal setup.

    Now there are a lot of differences. It is longer, heavier, rock solid (like no flex at all). This is perfect for downhill, I never stepped on a more stable setup. It has lot of footspace, amazing concave and geometry in general. You just get real confident on it. The durability this provides was the main selling point for me, given my weight (231lbs/105kg).

    But let’s talk about setting it up. So the only reason I would rate this 4 Stars is the wheel clearance. If you use Paris Trucks 165mm 50°, you can only run wheel sizes up to 72mm without wheel bite (on the longer wheelbase option). So if you want big 90mm wheels on there, combined with the longer wheelbase, you won’t be able to turn very much, and coming from my very nimble Trip with 90mm wheels, it was kind of a bummer.

    So it took me around a week to figure out a setup that fits my needs (urban commuting, LDP, downhill) :

    -symetrical 50° 165mm Paris V3 Trucks (on the longer wheelbase option)
    -70mm OFFSET wheels 82A
    -4mm of riser pads to lower it more

    This setup makes it as low, if not lower as my Trip 90mm setup, and allows for the full motion of the trucks without wheelbites, with the biggest wheelsize possible. This is the best I could make of this deck.

    With this I am pretty happy, it allows me to commute comfortably and take the hills at full speed without worry. It also isn t that much heavier than my Trip 90mm setup.

    It as 2 small issues tho :

    -the bottom of the deck is very close to the ground, like 5cm. When turning, I could fit my fingers between the edge and the ground but not much more. So you have to go pretty fast to go down ledges without scraping the bottom. A sudden 6cm bump on a flat road
    would definitely hit the deck also.

    -with rised pads installed, the Truck hanger will press against the deck and deform it a little bit (less than 1 mm of deformation) at first when turning to the max. This will have no impact on the structural integrity tho I think.

    Conclusion :

    You really have to know what you are looking for to buy this deck.

    The limited wheelsize option (if you wanna keep 50° of turning radius) and the added weight makes it an inferior flatground LDP option for sure. I will at some point get a dedicated distance setup. As a dedicated downhill setup, this would be 5 stars without question.

    BUT the way I set it up fits my needs perfectly. It is durable for my weight, low to push, tolerable turning radius to ride in the city, perfect for hilly terrain, and generaly very versatile. It serves my commuting needs very well 🙂

    Again thank god for Pantheon longboards, you guys changed my life.

    PS : Jeff if you have a spare Bandito setup you could discount me I would be forever thankful 😉

  8. Jeff

    The Nexus is a solid deck. I’ve measured mine at over 1/2″ in thickness with almost 5/8″ of concave at foot placement. The concave runs through the truck mounts to keep the deck sturdy. The platform is generous with about 26.25″ of length between the platform corners. When setting it up, it’s important to ensure clearance with the truck (brand and baseplate angle) and wheel size selections, as the deck was designed to put the wheels close to the riding platform, which I like. Initially mine was setup with Caliber II 50 degree trucks, but this did not allow enough clearance for larger wheels such as the 92mm Karmas, so I swapped them for some Paris 50 degree trucks. Excellent board for hilly terrain. It feels bullet proof.

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