Pantheon Kenny Napp Pro Model “Los Osos”




Length: 38.95″
Width: 9.23″ front bolts, 9.41″ back bolts, 9.91″ max width
Wheelbase: 24.5″ – 25.5″


The concave on the Kenny Napp is a fairly standard medium-low radial concave. We put wheel flares perfectly in position for the front and back wheels, and the flares are actually in the same shape that your wheels will fall into the wells. This results in the concave getting slightly more aggressive the closer you get to the bolts. Overall, the board feels relaxed with functional flares to push on for more technical riding.


8 ply maple with triaxial fiberglass. We place the glass UNDERNEATH the top and bottom layer of wood for the purpose of comfort for the rider. This deck has a tail, and riders are beating the crap out of it. We don’t want you to get glass in your hands as this board starts to wear; however, we want you to get the benefits of fiberglass in the board, so we cover the outside with maple. Like all Pantheon boards in the current lineup, the entire board is laminated with waterproof resin. While the deck is not entirely waterproof, it is much more weatherproof and warp resistant than many other boards. Downhill stiffness out of the box.

Griptape: 60 grit across the deck. We’ve tested a lot of grip over the years and this 60 grit is both grippy while not being over-the-top, and it appears thus far to be our most durable. You’ll find the same grip on our Fantail Cruiser as well as our Bamboo Supersonics.


Kenny Napolitano is the latest team rider to get himself a pro deck. Partly due to his incredible style, partly hard work, and partly because he needed a certain style of deck that we felt really fit well into our growing lineup. Kenny is a versatile rider, and we’ve been watching him absolutely slay every deck in the lineup, but when we first saw him skate, he was on a big single kick. Here we are, full circle.  The “Los Osos,” as he calls it, is the type of large single kick deck that lets Kenny be Kenny. And who knows? Maybe it’ll give you the same type of freedom that you’ve been looking for in a downhill skateboard, too.


New art by Rafa Alvarez on this “Los Osos” (the bears) graphic. This is an idea right out of the mind and experience of Kenny, depicting a time when he literally RAN INTO A BEAR going downhill. The art depicts a funny concept of the bear going home and telling its family about the experience. Big thanks to Kenny on Rafa on this one. This was a fun graphic to see made into reality.


This deck will shine with 165mm trucks and round lips for an ideal rail matched setup. You can fit wider square lips with 150mm trucks, OR you can always use the classic 180mm trucks for a wider, classic downhill setup. From 150mm up, there is not a really wrong way to set this board up, but we would, in general, recommend a symmetrical setup for this deck. Asym setups are perfectly acceptable, but the standing platform is very symmetrical, so it feels great it switch and shines with a symmetrical setup. The classic 50/50 setup will be the most wheelbite avoidant, and the 40/40 or 43/43 setup will be a bit more stable at speed.


Not just a pro model in name only. Pantheon’s pro model decks have a profit share set up to help fuel this pro rider’s dreams. We don’t want to overstate ourselves. We are still a small company selling limited numbers of our pro model decks. But when you ride this pro’s model, you are literally taking part in supporting this skater’s life. Each one counts toward our goal of supporting these skaters we believe in.

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