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The Pantheon Trip is back with a sexy new graphic, unique applewood veneer, and a lighter weight design construction. We dropped the top veneer in favor of lighter weight, snappier construction and dyed the top fiberglass layer black for a sweet undercover look that screams quality.

The new Trip is as great as ever and will feel very familiar underfoot when compared to past designs. Flex will be nearly identical and only very minor changes were made to the shape for slightly very aesthetics at the truck interface. The Pantheon Trip remains the best double drop commuter deck built for RKPs on the market.


  • Length: 33.25″ / 84.5 cm
  • Width: 9″ / 22.9 cm
  • Wheelbase: 27.25″ / 69.6 cm
  • Profile: mustache rocker
  • Weight (deck only): 3.4 lb / 1.5 kg

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – The Trip’s outline shape is cut to maximize usable surface area and minimize the chance of wheelbite. A slightly tapered waist complements the camber profile for a subtle suspension effect. The open-ended nose and tail provide flexural relief, protection against impact damage, and ease of assembly. Neutral truck mounting angles simplify setup while offering a versatile starting point for customization.

CURVACEOUS CONFIDENCE – Pantheon’s highly functional crescent drop lowers the center of gravity and stiffens the drops for efficient pushing while also providing enhanced lateral support and general ergonomics. The drop also allows for effortless slide initiation to control speed in common settings like hilly urban environments or paths and trails. Mustache rocker profile combines subtle camber at the deck’s midpoint with rocker under the feet. The localized camber pairs with the slightly tapered waist to provide suspension characteristics while allowing the rest of the board to remain stiff for optimum control. Mellow radial concave provides an ideal balance of edge control and riding comfort. The junctions between concave and crescent drop create three-dimensional pockets for secure and intuitive ergonomics.

SNAPPY, LIGHT, & LOW – The Trip is a low riding steeze machine that is efficient and effective for all of your commuting and distance riding needs. A 6-ply maple core is sandwiched between layers of triaxial fiberglass with a protective wood veneer on the bottom so that you don’t scratch that structural composite layer on curbs. This layup results in a thin, stiff, and lightweight structure with snappy, responsive flex characteristics. Combine with large, soft wheels, and you’ve got an absolute cruising machine that will suck up road vibrations and keep you going all day long.

GRAPHICS – Designed by Eddie Kihm (who has worked on many of Pantheon’s board graphics) in collaboration with Pantheon’s founder, Jeff. The graphic depicts a being surrounded in a field of sunflowers over the top of the being’s head. To the being, it likely hardly sees anything but a thicket of stems. But the being’s oversoul, which is connected to the overarching reality, has a grander view of a field and sunset, capturing the true beauty of the being’s reality. Often times, we are stuck in our own respective struggles, caught in each moment. The reality of the beauty of life in all its forms—birth, death, and all ups and downs in between—escapes us in these moments of individual struggle. This graphic is to remind us that it’s all part of a bigger picture.

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  1. Michael

    The Trip the standard-bearer for distance skaters and commuters. There isn’t a better option on the market. If you want to cruise around town, commute, do a marathon, and even hit some decent hills with a bit of speed and stability, look no further.

    Perfectly designed to reduce any chance of wheel-bite or kicking the wheels when exhausted. The signature Pantheon crescent drops truly are advantageous and special. Such a thoughtful design. The standing space feels bigger than it should and cups your feet in a unique way, compared to other double drops.

    This feels like a distance board designed by the best distance skaters in the world. Yes, it is a top tier cruiser that can be used in virtually any context. Where it really shines, though, is when you want to push your limits and push yourself to the point of exhaustion. When you reach that zone, where small mistakes and lazy form can lead to a bit of pain, you’ll feel safer on the Trip than on anything else.

    I can’t recommend this board highly enough.

  2. andrej trifunovski

    Yesterday i got the Trip from the Concrete Wave shop in Cologne (Germany) and i just fell in love with it.
    I was a little afraid it would be small for my pushing style but actually it’s totally fine. No worries for the amount of space for your feet.
    I always combine pushing with land paddling. Thats my favourite combo and this board its just great for it. Its stable (orangatang yellow nipples) and still great maneuverable. The Trip (Pantheon/Loaded) is light and made really fine. For me a keeper and great partner for land paddling. So easy going very fast ! My other favourite board is the old friend Kebbek Comishin Boily. Its a wedged speedboard from the old days, pre Evo. . When i heard that Pantheon will soon introduce the Supersonic my heart jumped of joy. I already wrote a letter to Santa ! May my wish come true 🙂 Thanks Pantheon.

  3. Zachary George

    The Trip is an excellent distance push board! It really helped me develop pushing with both legs (I don’t push switch yet, but I do regular and mongo pushes). I have the Loaded x Pantheon version. I have ridden this board through many heavy Florida rains and it is still immaculate. I have mine setup with a Paris 50 degree 150mm front truck and then my rear truck is a Randal 35 degree baseplate with a Paris 150mm hanger. I bought this board because I wanted to work on pushing with both legs and just pushing in general (I had pumping down great, but was seeing the downsides of pumping only) and it has helped me improve my skills so much! This could be a good board for pretty much anyone at any skill level. Low and easy to push and the concave is nice and subtle so it doesn’t hurt your feet over long distances. I usually run McFlys on this setup, but recently have been using 90mm Boa Hatchlings and it has been fast and fun although the Boas aren’t rail matched with this board when running my setup so I just have to be a little careful when I get fatigued so that I don’t kick the rear wheel (hasn’t been an issue so far). I thought that the platform would feel really small since I had been using bigger boards prior to purchasing this, but it is actually the PERFECT size in my opinion. Very efficient use of platform space. I wear a size 10 US Mens shoe for reference. I’m in Florida so I don’t have many chances to bomb hills with this, but I have taken it on some mild hills and it feels nice and stable. I feel more confident going fast on this board than other setups that I have. I highly recommend this board!

  4. Scott G. (verified owner)

    Pranayama rider for many miles, decided to get the Trip as I had everything else needed to put one together.

    I was worried it would be redundant in my quiver. And yes, it feels very familiar coming from the Prana. Thing is though, that board is magic, and having a version of it on RKPs has been a real treat.

    I didn’t think I would benefit from the extra height, but I am able to go over some root bulges my Prana scraped on. It also instills a little more confidence on the hills. I also have them set up to feel quite different, with the Prana on Refly 97mms now.

    The Trip feels really nice helping me with my left-right switch pushing that I’ve been struggling with. Current setup is 150 Paris 50 deg, one of several 85mm wheels, and purple Otang Nipple bushings (I’m 195lbs).

    This might become the deck I recommend for people looking for a designated pusher.

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