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The Genesis is a top mount long distance pumper deck. This is a sort of specialty deck designed specifically for LDP and general pumping for fun. Pumping is the act of using a turn to accelerate and happens as weight is loaded into a turn, and then you use the resistance created by the force of turning to push against the board and create acceleration. This is an intoxicating way to ride a longboard, and while it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it, it is a type of riding that just about anyone can do.

What is it about the Genesis that makes it exceptional as a pumper? First, let’s be clear that we strongly believe in standing on the trucks when it comes to this type of riding. The front of the Genesis is very wide–about 10 inches exactly at the innermost front bolts, which is likely right about where your heel will fall if you are nose riding. And while many top mount pumpers will find themselves riding with a footstop, the Genesis comes equipped with concave flares right at the front, which fairly drastically tell you where the end of the board is, so that you don’t ride over the front of the deck. This gives a more free feeling to the front of the board, because you have all the foot space you need and ride the absolute front of the board without a footstop cramping you up over the long haul. You will find yourself moving around on this board very comfortably, riding directly on top of the board to sliding back and playing with the flex in your pumps. 

The wheel wells on the Genesis are set in from the edge of the board. Some older model pump decks tend to do no wheel wells at all or they will run the wheel well super thin toward the edge of the board. Because pumpers are so focused toward nose riding, riders will sometimes flex the wheel wells and cause wheelbite, or even crack the wheel wells over time along the grain of the board. The Genesis alleviates this flex by cutting the wheel wells in from the edge, so that when your trucks turn in deep, your wheels will tuck into the board and the edge of the wheel will fall into the wheel well without flexing the board out. This will be a longer lasting board, and rigidity around this part of the deck will give you more power in your pumps.

The concave and flex of the Genesis is built for pumping. There is an extremely mild concave through the length of the deck, built for distance without cramping the foot, with the exception of the harsh flares in the front, which is simply built for a footstop and does not affect the foot when you’re using it as such. There is a very mild camber through the length–just enough to provide a little bit of energy load when standing on the deck. Because the deck is nearly flat already, the flex profile does not need to be quite as tuned for the weight of the rider, as riders between 130-200 pounds will flex the board to flat, and any additional energy will go into flexing the board further down and going into the return of the board. It is not an overly bouncy deck, but the fiberglass does provide for solid energy return. This is not an overly complicated deck. It is simply effective and very comfortable throughout the length of the platform. You can ride it all day, and you’ll want to!

Many long distance pump decks, historically, have maxed out the wheelbase somewhere around 29.5 inches. The Genesis starts at 28.5 inches, which is right around the wheelhouse wheelbase for easy pumping at a relatively low speed. Longer wheelbases provide for more flex and higher speeds, and the Genesis maxes out at 32.75 inches, which is quite long. While it will take a little extra energy to accelerate the deck at the outer wheelbase, higher speeds are reachable and more easily maintained with less effort at the longer wheelbases. Riders will likely find themselves comfortably pushing up to a comfortable speed and then pumping to maintain when the wheelbase is maxed out. This is a very fun way to ride, as it is fast and provides the most flex out of the board.

Make sure to set up your Genesis deck with a high degree turn in front and a lower degree turn in the back. Many riders will likely choose DontTrip Slalocybins or Poppys or the Bennett 5.0/Tracker combo for front and rear. You can even wedge/dewedge a Paris 150mm 50 degree front and 43 in back. With two 10-degree wedges, you can run a 60/33 setup, and if you tune the bushings right, that can be a very fun and less expensive way to set up one of these decks. Top speeds will most assuredly end up on the DontTrip or Rool options, or some other specialty trucks out there. Tuning a pumper is a lot of fun, and once you have it fully dialed, it is one heck of a machine!

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Product Specifications


Length 39.25" (99.69cm)
Width 10.15" (25.78cm)


28.5 - 32.75" (72.39 - 83.18cm)


6 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer.

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  1. Ben

    Very fun top mount pumper!

  2. Gavin (verified owner)

    An awesome top mount pumper! This board has a couple of extremely unique and notable features – the large nose shape permits true nose riding, which enables excellent leverage and efficiency.
    The wheel wells enable much less riser than typically needed on similar top mounts.

    The upturned nose shape is enough to feel the front edge without needing to add a foot stop.

    I really didnt think this board was going to work out as well as it did, but it has exceeded my expectations.

    I weigh 165lbs and I am running the maximum wheelbase option. There is ample flex, but it is not a noodle. There are a ton of wheelbase options which could help fine tune the flex.

    Setup: Poppy Front at 62 degrees and 137 width, 75mm big zigs.
    Poppy rear at stock 20 degrees and 125 width, with 3/8” riser.

  3. David

    Right off the bat this Genesis top-mount was a big factor in making my newbie attempts at setting up a pumper a success! I put a Bennet Vector 5.0 on the front of my newly unwrapped Genesis with a 7° Bear wedge, and I was off and pumping, just like that! (Rear: Seismic Aeon 30°, 7° dewedged.) I’ve since installed DT Slalocybin trucks and it has even better acceleration. It’s an impressively well-designed and well-made deck, which you will feel when it’s in your hands. And it’s a good value as one of the top three or four top-mount decks you can buy…the least expensive of the lot. It’s not a light deck, and I love the way it holds speed after just one or two pushes. It rolls better than any of my other (numerous) longboards. I mostly ride bike paths around Boulder, Colorado, but I also do errands around town on this board because it’s simply faster than any other board I have. Not to mention the beyond stellar customer service by Jeff and family/employees and the fact that this is truly a small family business.

  4. John Mcguire (verified owner)

    I set this up as a top mount pumper, surf rodz 139mm grindz 7 degree wedge, and risers up front and Randal 125 35* with 7 degree wedge plus riser in back. 80 mm kegels. Basically this pumps for right off the bat fairly easy. A couple kicks to get it up to speed and it wiggles well. Once I get adjusted to the board and get the rhythm of the flex I can do the bigger power stroke while front foot over front truck. Lots of fun doing that. Feels totally different from my bandito set up and waterbourne conversion. Handles a 285# guy well enough.

  5. Zachary George (verified owner)

    After getting the Wiggler and trying it in the top mount configuration, I got a little taste of what top mount pumping was like. Going further down the rabbit hole, I switched back and forth between top mount and bracket setup a couple of times I decided I wanted a dedicated top mount so that I didn’t have to keep switching components. Of course, that involved getting more trucks and whatnot as well, but I have to face the fact that I would’ve bought more skate gear anyway.

    The flex – people seem to want more flex out of this baby, but I like the flex on this quite a bit. It is enough flex for a bit of comfort and is is also functional flex because it doesn’t create much energy loss, and helps with pumps when you position your rear foot toward the middle for certain kinds of pumps.

    I really like using the longest wheelbase with Poppies and riding right on the nose, getting those dolphin style pumps. This thing can fly and it is a ton of fun. Really feels different than pumping on a bracket deck and I feel like I have a ton of control. That leverage from being on a top mount really makes a difference! The fact that you don’t need a footstop is awesome for aesthetic and it is a very functional and elegant design. The graphic is very tasteful and looks beautiful next to the other Pantheon LDP boards in the line-up! The veneer on the top and the bottom are so damn sexy! If you are looking for a top mount for LDP then look no further.

  6. August (verified owner)

    Great leverage, comfortable under foot and loves to be ridden on the nose…sitting on wedged Bennett and an indy rear with mcflys…like being back in a jacked up truck after driving a Porsche (bracket deck) but it’s the purest pump available. Great engineering by the pantheon crew!

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