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We look carefully at every single board that gets produced. The boards listed here are an accumulation of decks that have been set aside over the past two years. As you likely know, Pantheon decks are known for their perfection. We are very picky about what makes it to customers. Here is a rundown of how we describe the various issues with these boards. Most are going to be great for riding, and you’ll get a great deal on a quality board on this page.

Warp 1 – This is a very small warp. Most customers won’t see it or notice it. Very discerning customers and picky designers like me might notice this. Wheels MAY rock on the board if it is unweighted. It will ride normal once a couple pounds are on the deck. Consider this board very rideable.

Warp 2 – This is a slightly more significant warp. Know that when we are discussing a warped deck, we are talking about boards that were pressed with fiberglass. The degree that these warp is not very significant, so if weighing this against a warped all-maple deck you might have in your quiver already, these are likely much straighter. Consider these still very rideable once weighted. I would expect these to sit on 3 wheels unweighted. Your feet will almost assuredly not know the difference, but your mind will. Are you a rider who thinks a ton about their setup perfection? Simple, don’t get this one. If you’re just a “point downhill and go” type of rider, this will be fine for you.

Warp 3 – A warp 3 is a board I wouldn’t personally ride. In my opinion, this is too warped for me to ignore with my brain. Rideable? Probably. But you don’t want to be thinking about your substantially warped board being crooked when you’re on the hill. If you’re considering this board, I think it would make an excellent wall hanger for a piece of history. These boards are beautiful and hang quite well if you’re a fan of the art.

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Product Specifications


Length 31.5" (80cm)
Width 9" (23cm)


26" (66cm)


6 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer.

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  1. Allday (verified owner)

    I purchased the Trip “Fields” warp 1 from pantheon and I must say, I love it!

    In all seriousness, it was a good deal IMO. I’ve had a few instances where I thought the board was veering left or right but after tweaking, it ended up riding straight.

    I love my purchase with anything pantheon and this is no different!

    Thank you, Pantheon!

    • Jeff Vyain

      This is standard for a warped deck. Unweighted especially, you can expect that the board will pull. Once you have your weight on it, ideally you should not feel it pulling…that would be atypical. BUT…ALSO…on a “Warp 1” deck, you can often times just tighten down the hardware on one side and dig the baseplate letters into the board more on one side than the other, OR use a soft riser pad to tighten down one side harder than the other, and you can get the trucks to sit square with each other and basically just ignore the warp. Thanks for the support Allday!

  2. James (verified owner)

    I picked up a “warp 1” Nexus and couldn’t be happier. The finish is perfect and I cannot find the warp. It sits evenly on all four wheels and feels great underfoot. Thanks Pantheon!

  3. rc (verified owner)

    Got a warp 1 Quest. I don’t notice the warp at all. Appreciate the attention to detail and the super high integrity to discount. I’ll be purchasing Karma wheels to go with it next

  4. Zach M (verified owner)

    I purchased the Wiggler Warp 2, and man, I could not be happier. First, let me just say that I can’t find the warp, at all. I talked to Jeff about it beforehand, and he mentioned that there’d likely be three wheels on the ground with one slightly raised. Not the case!

    As for the deck itself, I love it. I’ve been wiggling for a couple of days now on an old Bennett/Tracker setup that I bought used, and it’s a ton of fun, even with dead bushings! I’m heavier (225lb+ depending on the day), and it feels fantastic under me. The flex is just enough for when I’ve got to push, and I can feel the springiness when I pump hard. Still getting the hang of things, of course, but I definitely see myself riding this deck for a looooooong while.

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