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Make no mistake about it. The Wiggler is the weirdo in our lineup. Bracket decks are weird enough already, but as far as we know, no one has ever made a bracket deck this long. The overall length of this board is just over 35 ½ inches, and there’s a solid 26 ½ inches of usable platform. You won’t find yourself wanting for space. The long length provides ample flex and will get you riding lower than most other bracket platforms when you’re pushing in the middle of deck. When pumping, you will find yourself moving forward on the board and riding the nose. A gentle wiggle is all it takes to get and keep this thing going, and that’s really the idea of the board. Move at a gentle pace as comfortably as possible, using as little energy as possible.

On top of the Wiggler’s performance as a bracket deck, it also has the ability to ride as a top mount, with wheel wells in the front and back! Because we built this deck to withstand weight as a bracket board, this makes the platform of the Wiggler fairly stiff as a topmount. What that actually means is that it can handle higher speeds and/or heavier riders than most other pumpers. Some riders may purchase this board and set it up specifically to run it as a top mount only! And it will perform very well as such. Ideally, we envision this board in its top mount form as a garage pumper. Want to kick ass and take names in the garage circuits? Set this sucker up with some slalom trucks and get ready to grip those corners with the best of them but then to have the wheelbase required to really pump down the straights faster than the competition. Need to stiffen up the platform for even higher speeds? Run the smaller wheelbase options and let her rip!

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Product Specifications


Length 35.6" (90.42cm)
Width 10.15" (25.78cm)


24.33 - 30" (61.8 - 76.2cm)


7 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer.

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  1. Landy

    This is a cool and versatile deck that defies pigeonholing One the one hand, as a bracket deck, it is super long and seems to want to go mostly in a straight line for long distances with maximum efficiency. That is true if you are pushing it, paddling it, or pumping it. On the other hand, it could be a sweet topmount pumper. I have not used it in that form yet, but it certainly makes for a very stable platform as a long distance bracket deck.

    One niggle on the wiggler is that it will bottom out if you are a heavier rider using the longer wheelbases. I weight about 180 lbs/80 kg and cannot use a wheelbase longer than the middle holes on the rear of the deck with a torsion tail. But if you are lighter you might be able to. You could of course shorten the deck by cutting it, but then it isn’t as useful as a top mount.

    So, like most things it life, it is a compromise. But I appreicate the adaptability of the deck to various uses, and if you wanted to use one deck to try several different styles of riding (dropped pusher commuter, top mount pumper, stable land paddling platform, or endurance LDP specialist) then there might not be a better choice out there.

  2. Dave McGinnis

    This is my favourite deck for relaxed, cruisey LDP (pumping). I have it in a bracket configuration with a Gbomb SDF and Beernett front truck, and a long homemade zero degree rear bracket which covers all but one set of rear holes. This reduces the flexing in the narrow section which would otherwise occur by using it in a long bracket configuration. I am 80kg and I haven’t bottomed it out. The sneaky front toe-stop lip works well. Currently using 85mm Cags, but Dadbods are on the horizon.

  3. Zachary George (verified owner)

    This is hands-down my favorite Pantheon board that I own so far! I have logged more miles on this platform than any of my other boards. I used it in my first Ultra Skate last year. I brought other boards with me, but ended up only using the Wiggler because the comfort was treating me very well. At Ultra, I was weighing about 195 lbs and when I first bought it I was at 200lbs. I post a lot of skate videos and this platform gets a lot of questions online regarding potential bottoming out from riders that are 200 lbs or more. I will say that I used to bottom this board when I was around 200 lbs, but nothing detrimental to the ride or performance. You would just hear a little scrape here and there when I would pump really hard (with a slight hop) or if I would push and put all of my weight on the center. It was really no big deal at all and never made it unsafe in any circumstance for me. I have heard from other riders that setting this bad boy up with a Dont Trip Delirium rear makes it substantially stiffer and possibly a bit higher on the rear side so that there is less potential for bottoming out, but I don’t know that first-hand. At Ultra I had a glassdrop front bracket, TTA rear, and was using 85mm Speedvents. Later in the skate, I switched to my 97mm Abec 11 Flywheels and I have never bottomed out with those on. My take on it is that if you are a heavier rider that this is worth a go due to the comfort, but just make sure to do some research with how you will set it up.

    I currently have mine set up with a DDR front bracket, TTA rear, Bear Gen 6 130mm front truck, and 90mm Boa Hatchling Wheels and this is by far my favorite configuration so far. In fact, maybe I’m a weirdo or something, but I actually like the Bear truck better than my Dont Trip Poppies. I always get my fastest paces over distance on this board. The difference on my speed on this setup vs my other setups is significant! For training, I frequently use 100mm Boa Constrictors and the big wheels + this big board = speeding freight train. This platform is best enjoyed on paved bike paths that have a lot of straights. You can pump forever on this thing!

    I have set this board up in the top mount configuration a couple of times, but prefer the Genesis for my top mount adventures. It is pretty cool as a top mount though. I had it set up with Poppies and not much wedging or dewedging with 77mm Clear Blue Speedvents and it was a lot of fun! It was just stiffer than I would prefer on the long path that I go on frequently. I’d love to take it down a garage, but there aren’t many here where I live so I haven’t tried that yet.

    What more can I say? I have logged well over 1,000 miles on this platform and it is always my go-to when I want speed and comfort over distance. It is springy and fun! I absolutely LOVE this board!

  4. Emil (verified owner)

    Excellent deck for a flexy bracket pumper. I was initially a little concerned about the amount of flex but got used to it and am achieving faster times for long distance by a considerable amount. My setup with it is a DDS bracket with a Bhanger and a spherical TTX. Wheels are Dadbods as I’m certain that I’d scrape the deck/brackets on the ground on hard pumps with smaller wheels. Very fast and fun with no chopping needed at 200lbs.

  5. Scott (verified owner)

    I bought a Wiggler when I began land paddling because it looked like a good board for that purpose. I put G Bomb glass drop brackets on the front and the rear. I like how long the board is and how low it rides. I like the flex. I even think I am getting a better feel for pumping when I ride this board. On the other hand, I do need a large turning radius when using this board. The path I ride has an S curve turning on and off a small bridge. When I see people approaching from the opposite direction I stop momentarily because I need to use the whole path or I can’t get around the curve. Overall, I am very satisfied with this board.

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