Pantheon Sacrifice 2024

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Length: 35.3″
Width: 9.17″ front bolts, 9.12″ back bolts, 9.7″ max width
Wheelbase: 24.5″ – 26″


The concave on the Sacrifice pays homage to the Sacrifice of old while modernizing to Pantheon’s 2024 standards. The deck was so good when we first made it back in 2017 that some of our team riders never got off of it, even if they were still riding a deck that was made in 2019. We didn’t want to mess that up, but we also wanted to use some of the skills that we’ve built over the past few years to create a sleeker, better looking board that reflects some of the concave desires of modern riders.

With that said, we lowered the W concave, so that you can still feel it, but it’s far less intrusive. We also smoothed out the flares so that the board overall just feels smoother from front to back. The board retains its original 1/4″ microdrops, rocker, and W concave, but it tones down the concave and steepness of the original W-concave. The deck is widest where it counts, at the heel of the front foot, and features a waist that feels great for tucking, with a mild taper from front to back.


8 ply maple with triaxial fiberglass. We place the glass under the bottom layer of wood and put black dyed fiberglass on the top for a smooth, shiny finish that feels high quality to the look and touch. The deck has very little torsional flex, as do all of our downhill boards.

Griptape: 60 grit across the deck. We’ve tested a lot of grip over the years and this 60 grit is both grippy while not being over-the-top, and it appears thus far to be our most durable. You’ll find the same grip on our Fantail Cruiser, Kenny Napp Pro, Lisa Peters Pro, and our Bamboo Supersonics.


The Sacrifice is a bi-directional downhill/freeride board. It was our most successful downhill product back when we first made this deck in 2017. Production changes resulted in losing our ability to manufacture this board, and it just took the back seat for a few years while we worked on other ideas and wanted to support our pro riders with pro model boards. Like all of our products, we didn’t want to design this board without being sure of how to improve it. Simply re-making the old design felt like it would be missing a growth element, so we waited for inspiration. The 2024 Sacrifice takes the bones of the previous model, smooths out all the curves, and takes a great feeling board and makes it sexy. We brought in the wheelbase a bit more so that the board reflects modern riders, lowered the concave a little, and reduced the peak of the W-concave, so that it’s more comfortable underfoot. Mongo riders might even be able to push this thing at a start line!


A classic Eddie Kihm piece–same as the original. This has always been one of our favorite graphics. It depicts a figurative “rebirth,” where the subject is in a meditative stance and is stabbing herself in the chest, sacrificing her current condition to the will of the Universe. The blood takes form as fallen leaves as she lies in the middle of the woods, taking on an annual dying and rebirth of their own. We like this graphic so much, we didn’t even put our name on it, as we felt branding would just take away from the scene. Anyway, you will know it’s a Pantheon the second it’s under your feet.


We like 160-165mm trucks and slide wheels on the Sacrifice. You can just as easily ride full 180mm, but the former will provide a better rail match. User discretion here, but we like a symmetrical setup, as this board likes to ride backward just as much as it likes to go forward.

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  1. John Gilbert (verified owner)

    This board blew my mind. Build quality is great, as always. Stock grip tape is good enough for free ride.

    Micro drops are mellow, but deep enough to dig your feet into. The W-cave is extremely comfy. Can barely feel it under foot, but it still locks you in.

    I’m 215lb, and the deck is plentyyy stiff for me.

    I don’t like how deep the flush mounts are, but they’re a necessary evil to get those juicy micro drops. I just run a 1/8″ riser to mostly negate.

    I’ve got mine set up on sym valks 150-160mm on the shortest wheelbase. 160mm with freeride wheels is perfect width for this deck.

    My only gripe, and I don’t know how you’d get around it, but if you mount your foot stop on the inner bolt of the shortest wheelbase, the foot stop angles in because of the micro drop. Not a big deal for me because I mount on the outer bolts, but might annoy some.

    I smile every time I step on this board. it’s money af. If you like traditional freeride setups, you should try this board.

    For reference, I’ve ridden the deck for about ten sessions at time of writing.

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