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Pantheon Carbon Trip

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The Pantheon Carbon Trip is back! This year, we have topped it off with the super fresh “Indian Hills” graphic and a brand new construction! Dropping the cork top from the previous collaboration Trip has reduced overall weight by around 200 grams. While the flex has hardly been affected at all, the main difference you’ll notice is a little more “pop” and snap. The deck feels slightly more alive. Overall, it’s a win and a great option for those of you who really love that carbon look.


  • Length: 33.25″ / 84.5 cm
  • Width: 9″ / 22.9 cm
  • Wheelbase: 27.25″ / 69.6 cm
  • Profile: mustache rocker
  • Weight (deck only): 3.4 lb / 1.5 kg

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – The Trip’s outline shape is cut to maximize usable surface area and minimize the chance of wheelbite. A slightly tapered waist complements the camber profile for a subtle suspension effect. The open-ended nose and tail provide flexural relief, protection against impact damage, and ease of assembly. Neutral truck mounting angles simplify setup while offering a versatile starting point for customization.

CURVACEOUS CONFIDENCE – Pantheon’s highly functional crescent drop lowers the center of gravity and stiffens the drops for efficient pushing while also providing enhanced lateral support and general ergonomics. The drop also allows for effortless slide initiation to control speed in common settings like hilly urban environments or paths and trails. Mustache rocker profile combines subtle camber at the deck’s midpoint with rocker under the feet. The localized camber pairs with the slightly tapered waist to provide suspension characteristics while allowing the rest of the board to remain stiff for optimum control. Mellow radial concave provides an ideal balance of edge control and riding comfort. The junctions between concave and crescent drop create three-dimensional pockets for secure and intuitive ergonomics.

SNAPPY, LIGHT, & LOW – The Trip is a low riding steeze machine that is efficient and effective for all of your commuting and distance riding needs. A 6-ply maple core is sandwiched between layers of triaxial fiberglass with a biaxial carbon bottom. This layup results in a thin, stiff, and lightweight structure with snappy, responsive flex characteristics. Combine with large, soft wheels, and you’ve got an absolute cruising machine that will suck up road vibrations and keep you going all day long.

GRAPHICS – Designed by Eddie Kihm (who has worked on many of Pantheon’s board graphics) in collaboration with Pantheon’s founder, Jeff. This graphic depicts a neighboring mountain town in our home of Colorado, USA!

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  1. Sorin Cojocaru (verified owner)

    Paris trucks: 50/43, riptide bushings: barrel and circa 90a (forgot exactly), 85mm bubble gum Speed Vents

    I’m surprised there aren’t more, but I am excited to be the first to write a review for this board! I probably have about 80 miles on it at this point. I’ve never had a long distance pusher before and my other board is a Loaded TanTien.

    I had a rough time with the TanTien because I was trying to use it as an LDP board, not knowing better. The ride height made it difficult to learn riding switch, despite my efforts, So I would just have one very tired leg after long rides.

    The low platform of the Trip allowed me to learn to push switch comfortably in just a few longer rides. Between that skill and the Trips low deck, it’s crazy how quickly the miles fly by now, and how quickly I was able to start pushing uphill. The TanTien is a fun board, but it’s so great to have something that makes my style of riding not such an uphill battle.

    Speaking of riding, the Trip has an amazing combination of maneuverability and stability. It has a great turning radius but doesn’t feel sloppy. Turning feels precise. I keep the trucks loose so I can turn the board with one foot. I was worried that this meant instability on hills, but I have so much confidence there! Even though I forget to put my weight forward, I haven’t seen a hint of speed wobble up to 25-30 mph.

    I’m over 200lb, 6’1 with a size 11 shoe. With such a compact design, another worry was having enough foot space and flex. Somehow, probably with voodoo magic, Jeff managed to give this board just as much foot space as thr TanTien. The flex is also perfect. It’s stiff enough to give me confidence, but it has some give and pop, too.

    I forgot to mention how beautiful the board is! I’m a huge fan of the black top, carbon fiber bottom and graphic. I got pink speed vents (mostly because of the softness level) but people seem to love the look! I always see people’s eyes wandering down to my board sometimes I’ll get compliments too.

    It’s an amazing board that seems to be a jack of all trades. I was a little hesitant at first because it’s an older Pantheon design, but Jeff has tweaked and updated it and I’m incredibly happy with my choice.

  2. Cooper Reichman (verified owner)

    I purchased my Pantheon Trip because I wanted to go on a Long Distance Push trip across Nebraska, from Wyoming to Iowa on Highway 20.

    So far I have been 325 miles on the board through gravel/rocks on roads, huge cracks, steep hills, long flat stretches, and headwinds. I have been able to maintain 40-50 miles per day with my trip and Orangutan Caguama Wheels.

    Previously I have only had a 42″ popsicle stick shaped longboard used for cruising so this is my first double drop LDP setup.

    This has been a great board for this trip and it’s so stable (maxed out at 28 mph so far). It’s also low enough to the ground I don’t get exhausted from pushing and it still clears big bumps or curbs I’ve needed to ride over.

    Overall a very versatile board that rides smooth and is so responsive. I have enjoyed it a ton, and believe me, I have spent many hours on it already. Very good start to a beginner LDP board to test the waters!

    • Jeff Vyain

      Oh wow! What a review! Good luck on the rest of your trip! This is rad!!!

  3. Irvin (verified owner)

    Wow! At 55, with three other longboards in my collection, my love for skateboarding dates back to a yellow plastic surfboard-like skateboard with those hard burgundy urethane wheels. One small rock and you were toast—but we loved it! The Pantheon Trip is in a whole other league. With its 90mm wheels, compact size, and easy drop, it’s a real commuting classic, like a trusty Fender Jaguar plugged into a Champ tube amplifier (no pedals). This board will be my Top Dog. Thanks, Jeff and Team!

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