Pantheon Tandava 2



Length: 45.75 inches
Width: 9.25 inches
Wheelbase: 28.66″, 29.91″
Profile: Mild Camber
Concave: Mild in the body, Bowls in the tails
Construction: Triaxial Fiberglass under outer layers of maple


The Pantheon Tandava 2 is a mid-sized dancer longboard featuring clean lines, a comfortable platform and flex, and a flowing shape that assists in its durability. Slight revisions over the original Tandava have taken place in an effort to make the Tandava 2 just a touch more trick-friendly and a little easier on the wallet. Slightly longer and wider kicktails add just a bit more leverage and pop. New grip design features a grip=free center platform for easy dance steps and a little gnarlier grip toward the kicktails for better aerial maneuver control. The new Tandava features an all maple and fiberglass construction, placing the fiberglass directly underneath the top and bottom layers of maple. In comparison to the original, this significantly lowers the cost, because we got rid of that fancy (expensive) veneer, at no loss to its strength or functionality! We also gave the Tandava 2 flex options! You can choose between the 7-ply green and the 6-ply purple. 

One thing many dancer longboards tend to suffer from is durability issues. Many expensive boards get beefed up around the rails at one of the “hot spots” around the deck, often near the wheel well. This is because designers are shaping the decks in such a way that the board has specific spots that it tends to land on over and over and over again–almost like a “swell-bow” on your arm just sticks out and just can’t help but to be landed on every time you go down. The Tandava 2 is a dancer longboard that was built from the ground up–now refined over time–with a mold that specifically works with the shape to avoid these hot spots, so that the board can wear more evenly over time. This functional design results in a longer lasting board for hard riders.

Combine our carefully shaped longboard dancing platform with a proven construction of fiberglass and Canadian maple, and you’ve got a strong, durable board that can take hits and keep on going. We put the maple on the outside of the deck so that as the board wears, you don’t end up with fiberglass shards in your hands–a common problem for dancer skaters doing hand tricks. 

Definitely not to be overlooked, the Tandava 2 dancer features a very comfortable dancing platform with a low concave that ever-so-gradually increases toward the tip and tail until it reaches a bowl-shaped nose and tail kick. This kick is crazy comfortable for manuals and provides a killer board feel with kicking the board up and doing aerial maneuvers. Set this board up with some flowy 180mm, 50-degree trucks and lightweight wheels as we have here with the 180mm Paris trucks and Seismic Tantrum wheels, and then turn on some jams and let the music and this beautiful Tandava dancer longboard move you!

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Product Specifications


Length 45.3" (115cm)
Width 9.4" (24cm)


28.66 - 29.91" (72.8 - 75.97cm)


6 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer

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