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The Andy Atch Pro Model is here! If you remember the “Summit Series Tortuga,” consider this a more affordable but every bit as capable version of the same board. While many downhill racers are throwing torque blocks on their boards, the Andy Atch Pro sets you up with this excellent tucking mechanism within the design of the board.


Length: 32″
Width: 8.5″ front bolts, 8.25″ back bolts, 9.125″ max width
Wheelbase: 20″ – 23″


Featuring a bowl in the nose to amplify board feel in an otherwise medium concave. This allows for increased leverage on the toeside, and then the heel will fall into a supportive but comfortable concave. When compared to the Mitty Pro deck, you might consider the Andy Atch to be a bit more “surf style” and a little more aggressive in curvature. Riders will have their front foot land at around a 45 degree angle, and the ball of the rear foot will land on to the side of the W-bubble in back. The rest of the rear foot will fall into the tail wedge of the deck, where the W disappears and the tail comes up at an 8 degree angle. You can flat-foot tuck this board with ease.


8 ply maple core. Black dyed triaxial fiberglass top and bottom. Like all Pantheon boards in the current lineup, the entire board is laminated with waterproof resin. While the deck is not entirely waterproof, it is much more weatherproof and warp resistant than many other boards. Downhill stiffness out of the box.


The Andy Atch Pro started out as the Seed deck until we decided to slim it down for Andy’s pro model “Tortuga.” This is the same board with an updated construction to make the deck significantly more affordable at no loss of riding prowess. Conceptually speaking, the deck features very sexy, smooth lines, and we wanted this board to just look awesome underfoot. The board’s technical elements really center around the rear foot interface. The concept of a wedged tail stems originally from slalom decks. This has been done before, but what’s totally fresh here is the W bubble that we placed into the tail crease. This is not only a wood-bending feat, but it’s also an incredible interface for board feel. The rest of the deck is an extension of this tail interface, providing 3 mounting options up front so that once you’ve set up the rear of the deck to your liking, you can place your front truck where your tuck falls into the concave.


Plan to ride the Andy Atch with slim trucks and fat wheels. You could technically get close to rail matching on a 150mm truck and a slim freeride wheel, but most riders will likely want 130mm trucks or slimmer and a fat wheel like Venom Magnums or Seismic Alphas.

This board is equipped with a 2 degree angled flush mount in the front, and the rear wedge will add an additional 8 degrees to your rear truck angle, so plan to use a wedged riser. We will include wedged risers for the Andy Atch Pro on us if purchasing through our website, but you can also find appropriate risers from sources like Pat’s Risers or Seismic’s wedge riser kit.

When compared to the other pro model decks in the lineup, the Andy Atch feels exceptionally comfortable but provides more board feel due to the curvature than the Mitty Pro, for example. While the Mitty is more of a blank canvas, the Andy Atch setup revolves around rear foot placement and then provides ample flexibility from there. When compared the the Chase Hiller, it feels a bit more mellow and “classic,” and although the Andy Atch features are complex curvatures, they sort of disappear into the shape rather than particularly stand out.


Not just a pro model in name only. Pantheon’s pro model decks have a profit share set up to help fuel this pro rider’s dreams. We don’t want to overstate ourselves. We are still a small company selling limited numbers of our pro model decks. But when you ride this pro’s model, you are literally taking part in supporting this skater’s life. Each one counts toward our goal of supporting these skaters we believe in.

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  1. Nels (verified owner)

    So far this thing is fantastic. I’ve known about this company/brand for a long while now and finally have the chance to own and ride one. This deck is my start into more fast-pace downhill. The Lighting McQueen “I am speed” is in full force with this guy bolted to some slalom Zealous trucks. I still plan to get a little bit of a torque block, but glad for the lift it has alone. I can tell this deck will get me to where I need to go, not just from the speed, but the quality of the build.

  2. Wil White

    This deck is insane! I’d give it 6 stars if I could. I’ve never ridden something that feels so natural under my feet. The curves and concave is perfect. I was super nervous about getting such a small board, I’ve always run longer decks and wheelbases near 26” for freeride and DH. But this deck proved that I was worried for nothing. It’s dialed. Super stable and nimble, I can hit way tighter lines now.

    It took a while to get used to how small the board feels, it almost disappears under your feet, but in the best way. I’m really liking the narrow width now.

    The spoon nose gives a perfect pocket for my front foot, locking it in to drive the board. The slight wedge feels similar to being locked in with drops or wheel wells, but without the intrusiveness those concave features have. It’s dialed.

    The rear taper and width are way narrower than what I’m used to but it’s great! it places your toe and heel right on the edge and enables toe to heel transitions to happpen way quicker. I no longer need to shift my rear foot to switch between toe and heelside slides, which is game changing. The wedge in the rear is the main reason I bought this deck, and it works exactly as I thought it would. Feels more natural in a tuck, and increases leverage and control in slides. Tuck leaning is also easier on this.

    I know this is a DH board but I currently have it set up on bear 130mm 52/30 with Pasters and it’s a great freerider also! It also pumps really well on this set up too, oddly enough.

    TLDR; If you’re curious about getting this deck for its unique slalom style features, do it. They’re awesome.

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