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The Pantheon Quest is a highly capable distance longboard with a standard sized platform and concave profile that will handle virtually all terrain effectively. Consider the Quest a sort of jack-of-all-trades distance board. Uphills, downhills, high speeds and cruising will all be comfortable on this thing. And while the Nexus is equally as much a downhill and freeride board, the Quest truly focuses on distance in particular, highlighting the thinner overall profile for ergonomic, efficient pushing, with larger cutouts that will support a slightly slimmer truck setup. 

The Quest is a fairly beefy but slim package. It will manage heavy weights up to about 250 pounds (has been tested up to 300 lbs with success, but we usually like recommending the even beefier Nexus over 250), while still providing a light dampening flex for riders down to about 150 pounds. The unidirectional shape of the Quest subconsciously pushes you forward, and its low, long, fairly stiff platform adds stability at speed compared to other Pantheon pushers like the Trip and Pranayama. It is slightly longer than the Nexus overall, but only because of the closed off nose and tail truck mounting area. Otherwise, the Quest has a 1-inch shorter wheelbase, and this actually translates into being able to stand slightly closer to the trucks and to reduce the amount of foot pressure you’ll be putting into the drops, which makes this a less aggressive board. The Nexus is stiffer and wider than the Quest and really should be considered for riders who intend on using the Nexus for sliding, where you’ll be actively using the drops to push the board around and control slides, as opposed to the drops simply just lowering the platform for easy pushing, foot braking, and added stability, like they do here on the Quest. 

When setting up the Quest, we mostly recommend this board with 150mm RKP trucks and large, slim wheels like the 85mm Seismic Speed Vents. If you want the grippier, wider 85mm Orangatang Caguamas, you’ll have to size up to 165mm. Most riders will opt for the 50-degree setups in both front and back, but if you really want an extra stable setup, put a 43-degree in the rear. This will give comfort at speed, and some riders just generally prefer stability for pushing. Keep in mind that this will reduce agility when compared to the standard 50-50 setup. 

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Product Specifications


Length 37.1" (94.23cm)
Width 9.25" (23.49cm)


28.5" (72.39cm)


7 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer.

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  1. Orlando Escobar (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with how the complete set up turned out. I’m around 215 pounds, 6 ft tall, and went with the recommended set up of 150mm 50 degree trucks (front/back), seismic speed vents, and added the orangatang medium bushings to both trucks. The deck is a work of art, awesome design/quality that is stable but lively/agile, considering its size, with just enough flex to make the ride fun and comfortable. The 150mm trucks paired up with the seismic speed vents aligns the wheels perfectly to the edges of the deck making the overall design clean and effective. Jeff and the team answered all questions and provided great customer service. Thanks guys!


  2. Shannon Fedor (verified owner)

    This is such a rad board, I’ve never ridden drop through board, and everything about it, rides amazing, responsive, smooth comfortable ride, and a blast to ride, im a 35 150lb female and glad I got one.

  3. Blake Briol

    In the year or so I have owned this deck, it served as a reliable commuter, solid downhill deck, and has been incredibly durable in all the environments I have placed it in. 10/10

  4. Matthew R. (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the board. Haven’t been on a longboard in almost 15 years and this board has been amazing. Took me about 2 days to get back into the hang of it.

  5. Scott (verified owner)

    Excellent deck.

    Setup: 165mm Paris 50/43. 97mm Abec11 Flywheels. A little tweaking of bushings to get it nimble without bite. I’m 200lbs

    Where this one really shines for me, is that extra room for switch pushing. I leaned into that with my setup, Big, narrow wheels and stable rear. Just nimble enough to carve out hills and navigate suburbs.

    Compared to the Trip and Prana. It does instill a bit of confidence with it’s added stiffness, especially with a backpack on, skating all day. For my weight it is TRULY perfect, just-enough flex without being “flexy”. It’s become the deck I grab for bike trails, suburbs, etc. Prana still beats it for city, start-stop, carry situations.

  6. Timothy Blackwell

    i purchased a Pantheon Quest deck to replace another brand of double drop deck that was not nearly as low as the Quest. Mine is set up with 165mm Paris trucks with hard Riptide barrel bushings in the rear.,The front truck has a stock bushing boardside and an orange Orangatang nipple roadside with Zealous bearings and Loaded hardware. The wheels are Sector-9 81mm. ai don’t get any wheelbite with this setup. i am 6’4″ and approximately 214 pounds with a size 15 shoe. The flex level is perfect. it is stiff enough for the smaller hills around Tempe and Scottsdale Arizona, yet flexy enough for comfort. For me, the absolute best part of the Quest are the drope. the drop in the front is perfect for pushing. i feel confident pushing at speed, and I feel like my overall push speed has increased. The Pantheon Quest is the board I will go for 95% of the time, except when traveling (i use a smaller older deck for travel). i consider myself a commuter, and this board seems perfect for that. An added bonis is the rear has enough of a “kicktail” to pop the board up when you are dine riding. i think it it is probably enough to do a no comply (i have yet to learn those).

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