Pantheon Quest Complete


The Quest is an ideal commuter longboard for tall riders and riders who have fairly large stances. The Quest is also an exceptionally strong board, featuring 7 layers of maple ply sandwiched by triaxial fiberglass and bird’s eye veneer on either side. Riders up to about 250 lbs will be fine on this board, and it’ll still have a noticeable dampening flex down to about 180 lbs. The Quest is 37 inches long, and features a 1-inch drop with drop-through truck mounting, and about 0.2 inches of rocker between the drops. The deck has a lot of leverage and is suitable at speed, although not necessarily designed for high velocity downhill riding (look to the Nexus). If I were traveling across the country on a skateboard, I would trust the Quest 100% for its durability and an appropriate flex and concave profile to be able to handle anything the world can throw at you.

Picking a Complete

Our favorite complete consists of 150mm Paris 150mm trucks in the 50/43 configuration. This puts a high degree turning truck in front, and a slightly lower degree in back for increased stability. This is ideal if you’re going to be riding your Quest fast and especially on hills. For medium to lower speeds and a smaller turning radius, choose the 50/50 options. Finally, while we prefer the tight fit of a 150mm truck, we are also offering 165mm trucks for riders who have zero tolerance for wheelbite. With the 150mm configuration, riders MAY be able to force wheelbite, depending on bushing choice, riding style, and rider weight. We certainly don’t want anyone getting hurt, but if you’re willing to finagle with your setup a bit and make sure it’s dialed for your needs, we believe the slimmer setup to be superior. Riders will significantly reduce their chances of kicking wheels on accident, and the slimmer setup allows you to land your push foot closer to your center of gravity. This is both more powerful (faster) and more efficient. On the other hand, you’ll definitely want a 165mm truck if you’re riding wider wheels like Orangatang Caguamas, for example. With Speed Vents offered here, the fit is just about perfect with 150mm.

Front Truck

Rear Truck

Wheels of Choice


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