Pantheon Pranayama “Cosmic Turtle” – Commuter Longboard Complete

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This perfect commuter longboard exists, and it comes completely assembled. Complete Includes:

Pantheon High Precision Bearings

Our newly developed high precision bearings, featuring built-in spacers and speed rings. These bearings are the best we've ever made. They're precise to a tolerance of 0.05mm. They roll smooth and quiet and are filled with a nano-ceramic grease for long life.

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Wheels of Choice


149mm Paris Street Trucks (TKP)


Meticulously Designed Commuter Longboard

Riders all over the world are consistently telling us that the Pranayama is the most used board in their quiver. As a specifically designed commuter longboard, this is a truly utilitarian design. There are no extra frills and no wasted space. Use it to get where you’re going, and use it for fun! Featuring an extremely low ride height, lightweight design, comfortable flex, slim profile, and perfectly fitted components, this longboard stands above all other competing commuter longboards in terms of ease of use and fit. We literally designed the board specifically to fit these parts. We even went so far as to design the wheels from scratch. Combine with large 80-90mm wheels and you will roll over just about anything in your path. Paris 149mm trucks create an overall slim profile that allows riders to keep their push foot closer to their balance foot and center of gravity, resulting in greater balance and power. The lowest of our low standing platforms allows for easier pushing and effortless foot braking. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from this greater efficiency. Riders will find themselves traveling further on a longboard than they originally thought possible. 

Start with the Stock Setup

Because the Pranayama is designed specifically around street-style trucks, this board will come alive on the streets in a way that you’ve never felt on a distance or commuter longboard. It may take a little getting used to, being so lively. Once you do, it’s a whole lot of fun, and you’ll find yourself outside riding further and longer than ever. While this board makes for an excellent distance commuter/cruiser at low speeds, it was ridden fully stock to win the 2019 Beijing Skateboard Marathon–its debut skateboard distance race! What this means is that this board is ready to go the day you open the box. Although riders may find over time that they want to customize bushing setups, we recommend that you try it out stock first and give it a little bit of time to get used to it. Give your body the chance to build a little muscle memory and ankle strength. You will likely find yourself pushing faster and further than ever in just a couple weeks.


We are constructing these boards with a trusty 6-ply maple core. Outside of the maple core, we wrap the deck in triaxial fiberglass. This fiberglass makes the board much stronger and more weather resistant. Although not waterproof, the Pranayama will handle the elements all season long. Finally, outside of the fiberglass, we wrap the deck in a slim hardwood veneer. We use the veneer to help protect the board from breaking the fiberglass strands. This gives your commuter longboard further longevity and should give peace of mind when scraping the board on curbs and bumps. Although not indestructible, this board is a tank. Riders should expect a comfortable ride from small children up to adults up to 240 lbs. If you’re heavier than that, please consider our Quest and Nexus decks as even tougher and larger commuter boards!

Setting up Your Own Pranayama Commuter Longboard

Do you have 149mm street trucks and large wheels? Well, then you can probably use those parts to set this deck up yourself. Just make sure of a couple things:

  • Use either 1-inch or 1 1/8-inch panhead style hardware
  • Use “drop-through” washers. These should have an ID of about 7/32″ and an OD of close to 1/2.” This will keep you from over-tightening your bolts.
  • Make sure that you use TKP / Street-style trucks! RKP trucks will bite because of their axle placement
  • You’ll want a 70mm wheel as your absolute minimum diameter. Typically we go for 85-86mm, as your commuter longboard benefits from large wheels!
  • You MAY be able to go with a larger wheel, but you also may have to compensate with aftermarket bushings to make it fit.


Based on 5 reviews
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  1. Noah (verified owner)

    Great board looks great and rides even better

  2. Will B

    Perfect out of the box. I’ve put just over 100 miles on this board so far and it’s a dream to ride. Wish that I’d bought a pranayama first because my other boards are just collecting dust at this point. Major thanks to Jeff and the Pantheon team!

  3. Cris R. (verified owner)

    Got this board at age 37 for commuting and a little bit of fun. I have skateboarded as a teen. This board does everything that was promised, smooth rolling, compact size, quality bearings. Packed dirt with gravel, not an issue. On bike paths, this thing rolls forever. The only problem you will have is catching too much speed, shoes are going to need resoling soon. High quality product all around.

  4. Jeni (verified owner)

    Lives up to the hype. All my other boards are collecting dust. Stable, fast, and incredibly smooth. I’m so grateful this board exists. It’s hard to imagine a better cruiser setup.

  5. Ralph Runknagel

    I’ve been ridden my new – to – me Pranayama (Paris raw trucks and 88 McFly wheels) for about 100 miles now and I really, really love it. Never thought, it would be that good! Coming from a Loaded Dervish Sama, the Pranayama felt almost too lively first, but the low platform conveys a great sense of security. Mile after mile I felt more at home on the board and learned to appreciate the superb maneuverability and effortless gliding. Now, after a few minutes of riding, it feels like the board disappears under my feet and I just ride. Breathe and ride and carve with great joy and ease. With every mile, I love this beautiful board more! Riding it feels so intuitive and easy – fantastic! And after the ride it really is a joy to the eye!

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