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Pantheon Tandava 2 Complete

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Pantheon Tandava 2 complete board. Fully assembled and includes:

  • Tandava 2 Deck
  • Paris 180mm Trucks (Matte Black)
  • Pantheon Bearings
  • Wheels of Choice
  • 1″ Hardware

Pantheon Tandava 2

_Wheels of Choice

Pantheon Bearings

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Paris 180mm 50° Trucks - Matte Black × 2

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  1. Pete

    This is my first dancer after 15+ years of strictly street skating, and I think it was the perfect choice.

    Madly in love with the Tandava. Beautiful, durable, stable, and Heaven on the feet.

    The middle of the board is quite flat, and the cutout grip in the center is perfect for footwork, while leaving just enough on the edges to lock your feet on deep carves.

    Tail and nose are very comfortable for manuals and hand/aero tricks.

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