Pantheon Wiggler Complete

Original price was: $542.00 – $579.00.Current price is: $500.75 – $537.75.

We have fitted the Wiggler with LEPSk8 products for the best bang-for-the-buck bracket-style complete we feel exists on the market today. You can easily spend twice this amount on a bracket setup these days. We worked directly with LEPSk8 to develop custom axles specifically for Pantheon. These axles are shouldered, so they can more easily be torqued to spec and pull the bearings into the shoulder of the axles rather than into the hanger itself. While we have had only good experiences with the LEPSk8 products in testing, we felt this was necessary for product longevity, so we designed this custom axle just for them!

Riding characteristics: This setup is quite twitchy. This is great for flat ground and will make pumping quite easy. It can get squirrely on hills. The LEPSk8 trucks are built to ride low, so we feel this board is best equipped with large wheels like our 102mm Hoku Wheels. The deck is already reasonably flexible over such a long wheelbase, so expect to ride this board up front near the wheels and not to throw your weight around too heavily or it’ll bottom out. This is an ideal complete for super long rides on smooth roads. I typically bust out the Wiggler for Ultraskate, as it is the most efficient board in the quiver for such a long ride and avoiding muscle fatigue. Is this the best setup attainable? No. BUT, I’d have to spend another $500 to get a bracket setup I like more than this.

The board will be shipped mostly assembled, with brackets put together and attached to wheels. Hardware will be attached to the brackets, and you’ll just have to attach the brackets to the board. This is to avoid oversized shipping charges, as this complete gets quite long!

Pantheon Wiggler

Original price was: $175.00.Current price is: $148.75.

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Front Bracket / Truck

LEPSk8 Integrated TKP Bracket w/ Custom Shouldered Axle designed by Pantheon

LEPSk8 LDP integrated TKP front truck 25 degree w/ Custom Pantheon Axles

Rear Bracket / Truck

LEPSk8 LDP zero degree torsion rear truck


Pantheon High Precision Bearings

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $10.00.

In stock


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