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Pantheon Fantail Cruiser Complete

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Pantheon’s Fantail Cruiser Complete

The Fantail comes in two awesome configurations. You get the choice between a setup that is super turny, precise, and reactive, OR you can go the classic street route with a twist–rather, a wedge. The wheel wells on the Fantail are slightly oversized and sort of fall right in between the spot where RKP and TKPs drop. You’ll get the benefit of the wheel wells with either choice!

RKP Setup (Bear 130mm) – 

RKP trucks are precise, very turny, reactive, and grippy. If you want to maximize the grip on your Fantail Cruiser, choose the RKP setup. But know this: It is going to be exciting! You can always change bushings and settle the deck down if needed, or even go the opposite direction. RKP’s have the benefit of being taller trucks, making them generally more resistant to wheelbite and easier to fit larger wheels. RKPs are generally considered to be more stable at speed, but it’s important to consider that while the geometry is more stable inherently, the trucks are more turny. So with soft bushings, you may start off feeling less stable. Axle placement is more inward on an RKP, so this will effectively lengthen your kickball and change the kick angle to make ollies more easy but less powerful. Choose your angles based on your intended use. Our favorite is the 50/40 setup, which makes the board more unidirectional and gives lots of turn but settles down the back end a little bit. 50/50 will be super turny, and 40/40 might be better for riders looking to ride their deck faster and to treat it like more of a freeride deck.

TKP Setup (Please note Paris 149 COME WITH with positive wedges both front and back)

Our TKP setup is more smooth turning and sort of more of a classic skateboard feel. We add positive wedging to both the front and rear truck to minimize the possibility of wheelbite and effectively make the board ACT smaller but FEEL as if you are running a 19.2-inch wheelbase on a 35 inch cruiser. You get the benefit of a bit more nimbleness, whereas at this wheelbase, a TKP truck can start to feel a little less exciting at lower speeds. While this setup is shipped symmetrically, you can always turn the rear wedge around and then run this board asymmetrically, resulting in a more stable back end that you can pump off of a little more easily. The versatility of adding wedges can be a lot of fun. This setup makes the Fantail generally less aggressive but also more street friendly, and the axle position will position the tail as designed for street-style riding, with a steeper and therefore more powerful pop.


Pantheon Fantail Cruiser

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  1. Owen Coulls

    the deck feels suburb.
    it is relatively large for a cruiser, the micro drops feel great and very comfy.

    I bought the RKP 50/40 – mostly as all my other setups are TKP and want to try something different
    . so far it feels pretty good, but is missing something and I will be tweaking the stock setup to try find some more flow, fun factor. yet to try downhill as there’s not alot around me.

    will look to try TKP too and compare later on.

    the wheels are pretty great for slides and fast nimble pumping and turns.

    I tried 70mm snakes but they felt dead and had slide bite on the rear truck on max turn. a narrower 70mm slideable wheel with slight offset could be ideal for the extra roll speed.

    a versatile deck to experiment with based on your needs – hopefully I can make this a 5/5 with some changes

    • Jeff Vyain

      We really prefer the TKP setup with wedges over here. For some reason we have ONLY sold RKP setups so far (it’s still quite new)! As fun and wild as that is, I prefer the flow of the TKP. Less turn and more lean. I’d say give that a shot, and don’t be afraid to stick a little riser in if you need it with those RKPs. With the wedges on the TKP, you shouldn’t need any additional riser. Cheers and thanks for the review!

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