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Pantheon CARBON Trip “Indian Hills” Complete

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People kept asking us to bring the carbon Trip back, and so we did. The Trip is a fantastic double drop commuter longboard for both beginners and experts alike. It’s compact, stable, and lively with an exceptionally nimble wheelbase for a double drop longboard. You’ll have just enough room for your feet, a little added space on either end to make space for large wheels, and that’s it! It’s utilitarian and efficient, and riders all over have loved the Trip since we first dropped it back in 2015.

Picking a Complete

Our favorite complete consists of 150mm Paris trucks in the 50/43 configuration and our 92mm Karma wheels. This puts a high degree turning truck in front, and a slightly lower degree in back for increased stability, and it does so pretty much bite free. You MAY be able to force static bite (depending on bushing setup and weight) but it would be extremely difficult to get wheelbite going any faster than 5mph. This is ideal if you’re going to be riding your Trip fast and especially on hills. For lower speeds and a smaller turning radius, choose the 50/50 options. We are also offering 165mm trucks for riders who want to fit larger and wider wheels like the 90mm Megawatts from Seismic or 85mm Orangatang Caguamas, and for riders with absolutely zero tolerance for wheelbite. Riders will significantly reduce their chances of kicking wheels on accident with the slimmer setup, as it allows you to land your push foot closer to your center of gravity. We believe this to be both more powerful (faster) and more efficient, but the larger trucks will allow you to set up with softer bushings for even deeper carves. And some riders may go with the wider trucks to opt for the smoother ride of a wider contact patch wheel. Just don’t go picking those 90mm Megawatts with 150mm trucks, k?!

A Note on Bushings:

Bushings and washers make a big difference in how a truck performs. These boards are designed to ride with the suggested setups and stock bushings, but you can even further enhance and personalize your setup with aftermarket bushings. What’s important to note about Paris trucks and our Trip deck as a combination is that this deck is designed to fit closely with your wheels. Tight like a sports car! But this means you need your “suspension” to be tuned properly. We suggest keeping the stock cupped washer in the “board side” position. Further, we suggest going with double barrel bushings in a full 1″ diameter. Current examples of bushings with a 1″ diameter are Seismic bushings (choose 0.6″ height bushings for Paris trucks), Orangatang Nipples, and Riptide Cannons. Full 1″ diameter bushings fill the bushing seat of the Paris truck even better than the stock bushings. The end result is that you can run a softer-than-stock bushing that will provide a super fluid turn but will limit the last bit of articulation on the truck that can cause wheelbite. What you want to specifically stay away from are undersized bushings and flat washers (board side) that will allow the bushing to slip around and cause extra articulation. Do this at your own risk.

Lastly, when we send these decks out as a complete, we ditch one of the “speed rings” but include ONE speed ring on the inside of the bearing between the bearings and the truck hanger. This essentially adds 1mm on either side of the 150mm hanger and does make a difference when you’re running looser trucks. If you assemble this deck yourself, it’s something to keep in mind. This isn’t absolutely necessary for every rider, but these small details can make a difference in your ride experience!


Note about shipping: We usually ship next day but we cannot guarantee this. Sometimes when we run sales (rarely) we can get set back a little bit. When you choose your shipping time, it will be the time that it takes once your board is picked up by the shipper, not from the day you order. Generally, add one day, but sometimes it may be a little more. Your deck will be assembled by the owner/designer of these boards to an absolute top standard. We do not let subpar product out the door, but this comes at a cost of time on occasion. We will do our best to get your order out ASAP!

Front Truck

Bushings Upgrade (Front)

Rear Truck

Bushing Upgrade (Rear)

Wheels of Choice

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  1. undead somulo (verified owner)

    This is the buy it for life board. My roads have inclines that this board is perfect for and it feels like I’m dancing on air. I never touched a skateboard my entire life, picked it up at age 34. This board is worth all its salt as a big ticket item. It is indeed perfect for beginners and I am fully enjoying my new hobby.

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