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Pantheon Ember Complete – A Commuter with a Kick!

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The Ember comes in 4 different shapes. Choose your shape and spec it out here:

Pantheon Ember Shape

Wheels of Choice

Trucks × 2

Pantheon Stylus 149mm TKP Trucks

Pantheon High Precision Bearings

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6 ply maple. On the top is triaxial fiberglass, dyed black for a sleek look, with 60 grit griptape to help keep your feet on the deck. Just a little above a street grip, so you can feel extra confident maneuvering this board through traffic and using the kicktails! Underneath the bottom layer of maple (graphic-side) is another layer of fiberglass. We put the glass inside the bottom layer to protect the fiberglass and preserve the flex. As an added bonus, as you scrape up the board, whether on curbs or by using the kicktails, fiberglass exposure is minimized substantially, and you won’t get glass in your hands by handling your board.


Length “Freestyle” – 35.8″ (91 cm)
Length “Classic” – 34.4″ (87 cm)
Length “Urban” – 33.2″ (84cm)
Length “Eco” – 30.5″ (77cm)
Width All 8.5″ (22cm)

Wheelbase: 25 inches

Drop: 0.75 inches

Rocker: 0.25 inches

Flex: Medium – noticeably more than a Pranayama or Trip, but not excessive.

Choosing Your Ember Complete

Alright, you’re grabbing an Ember! Awesome choice! This is an excellent board that will get you where you want to go and do it in style! The shape feels smooth and stylish, and those little things can really have an impact on how you feel on your board (let alone the concave and drops are absolutely excellent!).

Okay, first thing you have to do is choose your shape. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • The Freestyle Ember is our double kick version and speaks for itself. This board is playful with both a nose kick and a kicktail while still sporting a low platform for everyday commuting. The freestyle Ember features the “Logos 2” graphic–a fun one that hasn’t been seen since around 2015!
  • The Classic Ember mimics the original design with a pointy nose that makes you feel like you’re going somewhere and a much more usable kicktail than the previous models–even moreso than the Summit Series Ember, as the new one has more curvature and flick at the end. The Classic features the Yggdrasil graphic that so many have come to associate with this board.
  • The Urban Ember features a fork nose and a kicktail and sports the Wanderlust graphic. The fork nose helps keep your deck from getting hit should you lose the deck and have it run into a curb, and the kicktail helps riders navigate urban environments and kick the board up easily once you arrive at your destination.
  • The Eco Ember is our smallest double drop of all at only 30.5-inches long. One might call it “economy sized.” The fork nose and tail reduces unnecessary weight and making this board extra stashable, as well as keeping the deck from hitting curbs on both the front and back, should you lose the deck while riding (the wheels will stick out further than the forks.  Featuring the Torus graphic.

Next you’re going to choose your wheels. The Ember is cut in such a way that, combined with our 149mm Pantheon Stylus TKP Trucks, you can fit up to our 102mm Hokus on it. Here’s a quick rundown o the wheel options:

  • Hokus – 102mm in diameter. Absolute steamrollers of wheels. Depending on your weight and ride style, you MAY want to give that kingpin nut just a couple turns on your 149mm Stylus trucks. These are the heaviest option and it will be noticeable when using the kicktail, but once rolling, they are unstoppable.
  • Karma – 92mm in diameter. These are an excellent commuter wheel with top of the line grip characteristics for a wheel this size. They are very lightweight for their size, but still reasonably heavy when compared to small wheel options. Excellent size vs weight ratio and probably the best choice for most commuters in urban environments.
  • Seismic Tantrum – 68mm diameter. There are plenty of other wheels in this size to choose from, but we carry these because they are lightweight, excellent quality wheels that excel in both commuting and freestyle. This is an excellent wheel for our “Freestyle Ember” or any deck where you want to accentuate the tails. It’s great for kids as well, as they will lower the board further to the ground and lighten up the setup quite a bit!

Trucks and Bearings: We’ve made this part easy for you. We sell this complete with our Pantheon Stylus 149mm TKP Trucks. The trucks are designed with our boards in mind, and on an Ember, you HAVE to use TKP Trucks. So choose these, because they’re the best for the job. Bearings, same. They’re high quality, effective, built-in style bearings with good seals and nano-ceramic grease. That’s what you need. Plus we knock off $10 because you’re getting complete!

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