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The Pantheon Logos is back! This season’s rendition features our newest Summit Series construction, a slim and lightweight overall design, rocker, flush mounts, and some killer kicks! The Logos has been designed as a versatile do-it-all board with a little extra emphasis on the freestyle elements. The slim profile fits a modern aesthetic, and the board is absolutely ready to shred! Equally down to chill and cruise, the Logos is happy to carve around the block, linking turns with cross-steps and tricks. The Logos has been designed with a very specific shape in mind, using similar design characteristics to our Tandava dancer, eliminating “hot spots” on the deck that support extreme wear in any one given spot, providing extra longevity and wear resistance.

The Summit Series construction on the Logos is defined by a fiberglass shell around a poplar core, wrapped with urethane sidewalls around the edges and in the truck mourning positions, making this deck completely waterproof, so you can ride at any time in the year, in any conditions. The deck is warp-proof, and the urethane sidewalls combined with the wear-resistant shape provide extra durability when compared to many similar decks.

We believe the ideal setup for the Logos will likely be 165mm trucks and smaller centerset slide wheels. The outer edge of the wheels will be just a bit wider than the deck, providing ample width to keep the board from rolling over when learning hard off the deck during your cross-steps, but slim enough to work well for cruising around town without kicking the wheels.

We can’t wait to see what you can do with this deck! The versatility is a guaranteed good time, and if you just want to take one deck out for a fun skate, this will likely be the board you choose out of the quiver.

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Product Specifications


Length 41" (101.14cm)
Width 9" (22.86cm)


24 - 25" (60.96 - 63.5cm)


Poplar Core, Fiberglass shell w/ polyurethane sidewalls and truck hole mounts. Fully waterproof design.

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  1. Mikie Keener

    One of the most versatile boards on the market right now. The construction is built to handle any and all environments thrown at it. It may look like a dancer board but this thing can handle the streets like no other longboard. Every time you step on this board until it breaks I promise it will feel brand new until that day comes. The graphic is the smallest part of the board but the attention to detail is unmatched. I’m severely impressed with the 2022 logos performance. Next years version will have a hard time beating this years! Cannot wait to see what Jeff cooks up for us!

  2. Brenden Steltz (verified owner)

    This thing is a work of art. It’s gorgeous. It’s also very fun to cruise around on. I’m really glad I bought one. The design and construction are just exquisite!

  3. Katie Sindorf (verified owner)

    Fantastic longboard, as long as you don’t grab it with your hands. Excellent quality, but I wish I didn’t get so many slivers and micro-cuts just holding the board.

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