Pantheon Karma 92mm 74a Wheels

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Diameter: 92mm
Width: 53mm
Contact Patch: 49mm
Weight: 278g each

Pantheon Karma wheels are the purest example of form following function in the realm of longboard distance wheels today. Nothing about this wheel is designed without intention. Nothing is stock; everything is bespoke. The entire wheel is cast upside down for the sake of pure performance. The core and tire were both created simultaneously from scratch with the intention of maximizing strength, grip, plushness, and speed while minimizing weight. The proprietary urethane blend works with the wheel and core shape to maximize grip to an extent that no other tall wheel has done. It is poured in a way that no other wheel has been manufactured. This shape was built to maximize current Pantheon distance boards to their full potential and to our deck’s tolerances, fitting streamline with our Pranayama and Trip and providing speed and vice-like grip on the Supersonic during pumping.


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  1. Scott G. (verified owner)

    “Surely their wheels aren’t going to be as good as their decks”, I thought. Incorrect, these things are excellent.

    They showed a lot of the work that went into it. Pretty fancy stuff it seems! I’m no expert in wheel design though, all I know is these wheels hit the sweet spots among my other big sets (Vents, Caguamas, Flywheels). They got that slightly narrow shape that I like for clearance, but grip great when pumping and haven’t slipped on me. Soft, fast. I have a set on my Pranayama and a set on my Supersonic.

    To put it in simple terms, if someone wanted an LDP or big cruising wheel, this would be where I would start my suggestions. They done did it again!

  2. Max R (verified owner)

    Best wheels for pushing or pumping ever.
    Very good roll speed and acceleration. They don’t transfer a lot of vibrations or road feel, so they make for a very plush ride.
    Better than speed vents, or caguamas, in every way.
    Not as plush as Mcfly’s. But they definitely grip a lot better.

  3. Franco V (verified owner)

    This is a solid wheel and you can’t go wrong by choosing it for your LDP setup.

    The Karmas are surprisingly lightweight, have just the right amount of grip, keep their momentum, roll for days, and are incredibly fast. Seriously, with no extra effort on my part, I notice that I’m gaining about 2-3km per hour average on my distance rides.

    Sure, there are other wheels out there, and very good wheels at that, but if you’re looking for a wheel that was made with thoughtfulness and care to give you a great LDP experience, Karmas is where it’s at.

  4. Will B. (verified owner)

    I’ve got Kegels, Caguamas, Boas, Mcflys, Speedvents, and Megawatts yet here I am moving my set of Karmas from board to board. They’re that good! The ability to throw these on any Pantheon board makes them so versatile. Love the light weight and smooth ride that these wheels offer. Pantheon never disappoints with intentional design and execution. Looking forward to ordering another set or two soon.

  5. Andre (verified owner)

    As usual another winner from Pantheon. No other company puts this amount of thought and detail into their decks and wheels. Do these wheels cost a benji? Yes, but you won’t find a more perfect balance of feel, efficiency, and durability anywhere.

  6. Chris Van Ness (verified owner)

    I seriously love these wheels. Once they arrived they immediately went on my Supersonic and although Pantheon said they’d work on their boards with no fear of wheel bite I was definitely skeptical, because of their height. However, they’ve been perfect. Really allow me to get as much energy out of each and every pump, which I haven’t seen on any of the other wheels I’ve tried. Will buy again, as I need to outfit my Trip with a set.

  7. Robert Bencomo (verified owner)

    Wow!! I have been looking for a wheel between 90 to 100 mm. These wheels blew everyone out of the park. Super smooth, light, great rebound. Ready for UltraSkate. Fantastic job Jeff

  8. Josh Knell (verified owner)

    I am a big dude weighing in at 325 lbs and 6’4″ tall, I am riding a Land Yachtz Evo 40 because it’s one of the only boards that can handle the load and has a nice wheel base. I started with Dad Bods and just didn’t love how heavy the push was. I read about the Karmas and it felt too good to be true. They were only slightly shorter and almost half the weight.

    Listen, these are the real deal! Fast, smooth, and incredible distance with minimal pushing. I am the kind of guy to watch 50 youtube videos comparing every wheel and nothing has come close to these insanely fun wheels. If you’re on the fence, do the right thing for yourself and buy them.

  9. Albert Diezhandino (verified owner)

    These wheels are fantastic. I was a huge seismic fan and still am but these wheels are definately my goto now for LDP. They are so buttery soft, absorbing so much road vibration and riding over most things in. It’s path. Small twigs and road gravel here and there are no problem. The are quite nimble as well probably due to its smaller contact patch, making them cut through turns, pumping, and any general hazard avoidance maneuvers. They are definitely more agile.

    They are also lighter feeling under my feet as well. They were easier to get rolling and keep rolling in my opinion. As far as grip is concerned, I felt them to be able to satisfy my needs. They were grippy enough to get me through all the little road hazards out there without much of a hassle. It seemed appropriate to the durometer of these wheels. I was satisfied.

    Over all I would say that they are what I expect of a good wheel so far. I’m not knocking on any brands out there with their own fantastic wheels. These wheels for the money are an excellent bang for your buck!

    Well done Jeff. I look forward to any and all future products. Keep the quality up.

  10. Kevin C.

    Let’s start off with I’m pleasantly surprised and appreciate all the thought, engineering and quality of these wheels. The tight tolerance of clearance for these coupled with Paris 150’s and the Trip deck is top notch. Hats off to pantheon. It’s been a pleasure having these under my feet for numerous 10+ mile rides, they are strong big wheels with phenomenal grip and agility to back them up. If you’re looking for the last wheel you’ll ever need to buy this would be it. Might throw all my other wheels in the trash lol jk. But seriously buy these.

  11. Austin (verified owner)

    When I got into longboarding 16 or so years ago, and someone would have told me that I would some day be riding 92mm wheels on 155mm trucks, that grip and slide and move faster than any other wheels, I would have laughed in there face. But here I am. With 92mm wheels on 155mm trucks and double drop deck. My speedvents and McFly’s are sitting on the sidelines for these wheels. I don’t know how they did it, but they did it. The best longboarding distance wheels I’ve ever ridden.

  12. Nicholas

    Got these on my new Pranayama, and they’re PERFECT. I’m so impressed.

  13. Earl Stout III

    The Karma wheels ride so effortlessly and turn crappy pavement into a smoother feel. They absorb vibration very well! 🤘🏼🔥

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