Pantheon Karma 92mm 74a Wheels



PLEASE NOTE: This item is a preorder. Wheels are en route and expected in house in the last week of September. We’ll get them out right after they’re in hand. We air freighted a few sets of Karma wheels from the batch to be sure the batch matched up to our standards set during prototyping, and we’re good to go–confirmed by Pantheon HQ as well as 3 of our top distance riders. Buy with confidence. 

Diameter: 92mm
Width: 53mm
Contact Patch: 49mm
Weight: 278g each

Pantheon Karma wheels are the purest example of form following function in the realm of longboard distance wheels today. Nothing about this wheel is designed without intention. Nothing is stock; everything is bespoke. The entire wheel is cast upside down for the sake of pure performance. The core and tire were both created simultaneously from scratch with the intention of maximizing strength, grip, plushness, and speed while minimizing weight. The proprietary urethane blend works with the wheel and core shape to maximize grip to an extent that no other tall wheel has done. It is poured in a way that no other wheel has been manufactured. This shape was built to maximize current Pantheon distance boards to their full potential and to our deck’s tolerances, fitting streamline with our Pranayama and Trip and providing speed and vice-like grip on the Supersonic during pumping.


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