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Pantheon Heirophant

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Eric Bourgeois is a Colorado local and Pantheon team rider who’s been working hand in hand with us since 2017 when he started making skateboards by hand with us out of Denver. We personally got to teach Eric how we wanted our rails routed and sanded, he even taught us a little about CNC programming, and we got to watch him learn the art of skateboard making in tandem with drastically improving his skating skills. It was immediately clear that this guy is intelligent and creative, and when he came to us wanting to create a pro model deck for him, we had to say yes, knowing that we would undoubtedly create something great together.

The Hierophant is that creation. Eric wanted to mimic the bowl nose of our Seed/Tortuga mold with a mellower concave and longer W-concave that allowed for more rear foot freedom on a classic top mount design. He also wanted longer wheelbase options and a wider deck to more closely match his trucks with freeride wheels, which are generally in the 150mm neighborhood. Lastly, he asked for a micro-tail, so he could kick the board around for fun at the top of the hill and easily kick the board up to his hand once he reached the bottom.

Couple those requirements with our design skills and attention to detail, matching the requested features with beautifully swoopy surf lines, flush mounts, and a killer graphic from Eddie Kihm, and I think we can safely say this is one of the sweetest looking and feeling boards ever made. The technical requirements to make this W concave and flush mount fit together perfectly are hard to explain, and they really don’t need to be, but we doubt you’ll see another board like this on the market. This is truly one-of-a-kind!

The Hierophant is built with our “Summit Series” construction, featuring a lightweight poplar core and urethane sidewalls, as well as urethane in the truck hole mounting area, creating a completely waterproof package out of the box. The deck will not warp over time and will withstand weather of all types. Though no deck is perfectly durable, expect the Hierophant to be able to take a beating, and if you do manage to bust it open, usually fixes with this type of construction don’t go further than a little epoxy and a clamp.

Setups on the Hierophant will vary in accordance with rider needs and preferences. In general, you’ll want a truck somewhere between 145mm and 180mm. The slimmer you go, the wider you’ll want your wheels to be, if you want to match the width of your deck. A 150mm truck and a mid-sized offset wheel is a really nice combo on the Hierophant, and you can run the deck symmetrically or asymmetrically and have it feel right. Just know that the platform itself is asymmetrical. 

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Product Specifications


Length 36.25" (92cm)
Width 9.4" (23.88cm)


22.75 - 25.25" (57.78 - 64.13cm)


Poplar Core, Fiberglass shell w/ polyurethane sidewalls and truck hole mounts. Fully waterproof design.

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  3. Bryan (verified owner)

    This board absolutely rocks. I’m a total fan of this run of the summit series. My only wish is that it came gripped like the other decks I’ve ordered in the past, especially with the price tag being what it is. Regardless, there’s no question relating to quality when you pick this thing up. Construction is more than solid. The urethane sidewalls and truck mounts pop, the wood looks gorgeous under the fiber glass, and the graphic is killer. The Hierophant feels like it could survive the end of the world in style, and I’m happy I’ll still have something to skate on.

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